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RouteOptix Inc. is the industry leader and innovator in customer management, vehicle routing, mapping technology and billing software. Developed by waste industry professionals, our principal developer has over 33 years experience writing software. Recognizing a need in the market for every industry facing routing, dispatching and accurate billing challenges, the RouteOptix solution enables you to proactively manage all aspects of your business, maximize efficiency, and increase profitability.

What makes RouteOptix your best choice solution
As with everything we buy in life, we need to understand the value of the product, what it can do for us and if there is a return on investment.  Have you reached a crossroads where you are feeling overwhelmed by the everyday tasks you have been managing manually?  Are you currently using a software product that is inefficient and not productive?  If so, you will benefit in many ways from RouteOptix software to automate these tasks and free up time to effectively manage and grow your business.  All of the above coupled with the fact that we are well known for our excellent reputation for Support, an owner who is passionate about his product and looking after his customers, makes RouteOptix the best choice for your business.

Who Benefits
RouteOptix Customers will find benefit at all levels of business:
• Customer Service – have all customer information immediately available on a single screen
• Dispatchers – have dynamic dispatch with many options available
• Drivers – access to route sheets with embedded directions, notes, / electronic options to update/make changes in the field
• Managers/Owners – detailed production reporting to improve productivity and increase profitability
• Accounting Staff – checking mechanisms to ensure billings are not missed/duplicated and many AR tools and collection reports
• Sales Staff – provide sales with tools to help build sales density; track prospects; commissions, follow-ups and more

A good software product is nothing without being complemented by an excellent support team.

For software support please email or call 1 866 926 7849